Lack of Internet Almost Killed Me

For two weeks, I couldn’t get my laptop to connect either “wired” or wireless.  The irony is that I’m in the “most wired country in the world.”

Fortunately, I had at least a backup with my iPad and it was at least allowing me to do a bit of emailing and keeping somewhat connected.  However, I couldn’t write detailed blog posts like this one or upload photos to finish off the posts as well.  I had to go to the coffee shops to get anything relatively productive complete.

I had Tom n Tom’s nearby and also a Starbucks kiddy corner from it.  I used PC Rooms here and there to get some things done, but most of them don’t all have Microsoft Office which I needed in order to edit my resume.  I’ve been applying to adult english teaching positions, but also finding I need to broaden my search and efforts to include the bigger market which caters to kids.  The search for adult teaching positions has been somewhat challenging.  It appears that companies prefer the following “type of candidates” to teach them (in this order):

Adult English Teaching Pecking Order

  1. White Female (or possibly foreign looking female)
  2. White Male (or possibly foreign looking male)
  3. Gyopo Female (Korean American/Canadian/Brit/Australian)
  4. Gyopo Male (You get the picture)

So, I’ve had to edit my resume to target a bigger demographic.  The irony is that I was one of the strongest and most in demand instructors when I worked in Korea previously.  Even though the above “pecking order” is true when recruiting, eventually after getting a foothold, the 3rd and 4th group of instructors (when they prove themselves) tend to be quite popular and well compensated.

I’ve also opened up my search to helping corporations in other capacities.  So, again, I have to adjust the resume for those positions.

However, when you lack a proper Internet connection on the laptop, you definitely have difficulty trying to make adjustments on your iPad.  Frankly, it’s impossible.  I could use Google Docs online, but again, it’s not easy.

Blogging Really Takes Some Effort

Also, this 3rd “tour of duty” has really motivated me to write as much as possible to help others navigate in Korea and prosper.  People might not realize that it takes quite a bit of effort and time to truly write these posts so that others’ can benefit.

Maybe I’m a perfectionist?  Maybe I’m impatient in publishing my posts?  Or maybe I just put too much care into these posts for others to benefit?  Regardless, I do hope these posts do help others.  Thus, the continuous effort to make them “just right.”

Anyway, I’m glad to be back online.  Why was I offline?  Frankly, I don’t know.  How did the Internet mysteriously become functional?  Well, I did make a few calls to other housing places nearby and my window was slightly opened when I made the calls.  Maybe my housing manager overheard?  Regardless, I feel like I can breath now!  🙂



2 thoughts on “Lack of Internet Almost Killed Me

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