Switching from the Korean Version of Gmail to the English Version

A little different from the problem in our post about “Switching to the US or English Version of Google.com”, users of the popular web based email client Gmail may get frustrated with all the Hangeul when logging in.  Many of the features they’re used to including just which link is the “Inbox” may get to some.  However, I’d argue most people seem to figure it out because there are obvious signals like the Inbox having a number that’s bolded with parentheses symbols around it and other folder links are the ones you’ve created already in English.

Nevertheless, the problem can be easily solved if you just want your gmail in English.  Here are the steps (or should I say “step” because it’s really simple!)

Switching Gmail to English is Simple

When I said simple, I really meant it.  All you have to do is look in the same place as you should with most Google products to make adjustments or learn more information: the bottom right (or bottom in other cases).  

For the sake of this post, I clicked on the drop down menu which shows all the languages when you click on it.  Normally, it’s just going to look like a drop down with 한국어 as the default setting.


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