HP Service & Support (A/S) Center in Gangnam, Seoul

As I was mentioning earlier in the post about going crazy without a proper Internet connection here in Korea and potentially having Windows problems with my American version of Windows 7, I went to the HP Service Center in Gangnam to see if they could help.  However, finding a close “A/S” as Koreans like to call it (which stands for “After Service” Center) took a little more time than I was expecting.

Computer Support (A/S) Centers in Seoul

I typed in phrases like “HP Service Seoul” or “HP  A/S Seoul” or replaced Seoul with “Korea” and didn’t find much.  However, there was one great resource which recently changed locations called AngloInfo that had addresses to many different Computer Support Centers here in Korea for many brands including Apple, ASUS, Dell, and Toshiba.  Since they’ve recently changed url addresses, I’ll post what is the new website location for your reference: http://seoul.angloinfo.com/af/500/seoul-computer-and-mobile-repairs-and-maintenance

Gangnam HP Support & Service (A/S) Center Map & Directions

However, their location for the HP Service center didn’t seem to come up on google maps that well.  After fiddling with google maps for a bit, I did figure out how to obtain the appropriate location details that will allow you to find it on the map.

If you go to Google Maps and type in “37.485403,127.039214” into the address field, you should get this map:

So, hopefully you won’t have issues.  And just to make sure you have an idea of the directions:

  • Go to Yangjae Station on either the Red (Shin Bundang) or Orange line (3) in Seoul
  • Exit out of #4
  • Walk for about 200 meters passing Paris Baguette, but don’t walk to the SK Oil (you’ve gone too far)
  • You’ll see a sign for HP like the image above

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