Weather’s been great here in Seoul

It might be that it’s close to fall, but it’s also the rainy season and we’re in between supposedly two typhoons.  Yet, I felt like we’re having some pretty great weather recently.  Sure, it’s been a bit rainy lately due to the Typhoons, but going for a jog earlier tonight, it was really mild in terms of the temperatures and I’m not sweating bullets like I have in the past. 

I might be getting used to the weather here in Seoul, but I have to say that I’m quite satisfied.  I’m from the northwest part of the states and we’re not used to a) humidity like this and b) temperatures on either extreme (hot or cold).  So, I have to say I’m pleasantly pleased.  It was just something I was thinking while walking home after my jog.

Also, it feels a bit cleaner than it has in the past.  It might be that I’m in one of the ritzier neighborhoods, but ti’s also the heart of the city.  I remember on a jog in Tokyo when I was in the heart of the city at that time that the air was mysteriously clean.  I think Korea is definitely following in it’s neighbor’s footsteps in many ways including their desire to keep the city clean.  It’s great to see.

Of course, there are many places where it could be better, but the culture is definitely different as well.  You can’t always get the best of everything.  Nevertheless, it’s good to see coming from Seattle.  I’m happy for the Koreans here.  🙂


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