Removing Conduit from your (Chrome) browser

Have you ever installed Safari or another freeware program to have other annoying programs automatically install as well?  

Recently, I installed a number of programs including Safari and it added extensions like Babylon (it may have been another program, just fyi) and Conduit.  To solve the problem of unwanted additions to your browser, I’ve outlined the steps to remove them in this simple guide.  It is for Chrome, by the way, which I believe is the fastest web browser on the market.  (the REAL solution to removing conduit is down below, if you want to skip to it)

Check your Search Engine Settings

I immediately went into my settings to see if I could remove it.

Sometimes, these installs set another search engine as the default.  So, I first set it back to Google.  You have to click on the wrench icon to get to your settings.

Check your Browser Extensions

Next, I checked to see if there was an extension that was added that I didn’t install myself.  So, click on the wrench icon again to get to the menu or items.  Select Tools which will get you the ‘Extensions Menu.

You should now see the Extensions option:

You’ll then see the installed extensions and you can either enable or disable them.  You can also delete them from your browser.  All on the right of the extension name.  You’ll see I UNchecked the box next to Babylon for my browser, but may enable it later.  So, I didn’t delete it yet.

REMOVING the Conduit default page

After doing both of the above, I was perplexed and had no idea why browser was constantly opening up to the following url: and displaying this:

While it looked mysteriously similar to google, it was manipulating the search results for their own benefit.  So, I continued to search until I found the problem in the settings.  So, go back to the wrench icon and open up the drop down menu and select “settings” again.

This time though, you’ll notice that the second option is called: “On Startup”    It may be set up to “Open a specific page or set of pages” which will be the conduit page.  Just switch this to the default which is: “Open the New Tab page” or if you like google, you can set it up to open to google by entering the url where the conduit url was.

That’s it and you’ll no longer have to worry about this.  I can’t believe how many answers online couldn’t figure this out when searching for “removing conduit”



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5 thoughts on “Removing Conduit from your (Chrome) browser

  1. Hi, I had the same problem with this irritating browser. I uninstalled it from my program list, but it was still there coming up as a start page! I have made the changes above but surely the uninstall should have removed it??

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