Johnny Rockets in Seoul Fizzles

Johnny Rockets in Gangnam

Krants*, a new site that’s basically copying Yelp from back home and applying it here gives it 4 1/4 stars out of 5, but I give it a royal 1 out of 5.  Johnny Rockets in Gangnam might have “style”, but it definitely doesn’t have portions that matches it’s prices!

I took a visit there last night after walking around for 40 minutes trying to find a good “burger joint” in Gangnam.  I skipped over Burger King and was about to settle for Kimchi Jigae or another local cuisine choice, but saw this while walking the backstreets of Gangnam: 

After sitting down, I was just about to order a juicy burger before I realized I haven’t had a salad in a while.  The menu also made it look like it would be a healthy portion and buying a burger, shake and fries would cost me 4X’s as much as it would for any normal meal.  So, I chose the 2X’s the normal fee for a Korean meal: the chicken club salad.

It looked like this on the menu:

…but like many pictures on a menu, it came out looking a bit smaller than this:

The cheese didn’t look like this though.  Instead, you got bits of processed American cheese.  The bacon was lacking a bit as well.  While the grilled chicken wasn’t bad, I knew I would be starving though and ordered some fries.

What I thought I was going to get was something like this:

but instead, I got something like 1/2 of just ONE of these plates:

My healthy squeezing of the heinz ketchup bottle almost covered all my fries.  Anyway, I walked away starving.

I do have to admit I didn’t have a burger, but they started around 8000 won with the rocket single starting at 9000 and that’s withOUT fries.  Fries were a minimum 3000 won on top of that and if you wanted a shake, you would have to shell out another 7000 won.  I realize that it’s an American concoction, but I wasn’t in the mood to shell out 20,000 won for what I would pay at best maybe 8 or 9 bucks back home.

(Note: I may be wrong about the fries NOT coming with the burger.  I read in another blog post about the joint that you get a handful of fries.  I’ll verify and report back here)

I’ll have to try the burger later when I get my paycheck, but I’ll probably try out one of the other burger joints in the list of burger places in Seoul that I wrote about earlier.

Directions to Gangnam’s Johnny Rockets

Regardless, if you want to get here, I’ve got directions for ya:

Get off at Gangnam station.

Take the #12 Exit

When getting to the top of the exit, take an immediate U-turn walking toward the main intersection (if you pass a Daiso, you know you’re going the wrong way).  See the guy in the gray (on the right) with the black umbrella in the following picture?  That’s the direction you should be walking.

After walking about 20-30 meters, you’ll see this store called MagJay and take the immediate right after it.  It should be your first alley, I believe after you started walking from the exit.

After walking 2+ blocks, you will be able to see Johnny Rockets on your left like the pic far above.  For you map junkies, I had a hard time finding the exact address (even on the Johnny Rockets website), but I found the building potentially and the address says: 역삼1동 816-3 which produces the following map in Naver.  It’s close to where it is frankly.  You may have to go a block or two more and the marker should be on the street to the right the marking below, but this gives you the general idea.

johnny rockets gangnam map

*By the way, I don’t blame the creators of Krants of replicating Yelp’s site here in Korea.  It’s about time someone did it and since Yelp doesn’t think it’s important for a city that needs reviews & maps for it’s restaurants (at least), kudos go to the folks who started Krants!  


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