Losing Weight Korean Style

A little more than 4 weeks ago, I took off for Seoul, Korea.  I debated taking a pair of blue jeans with me that wouldn’t fit right before I left.  I had gained a lot of weight after leaving Korea in 2010.  So, I failed to wear those jeans while I was in the states despite them fitting just 3 short years ago.

However, today, I tried them on and fit into those jeans with no problems.

I haven’t been able to measure how much I weigh, but I fit into those pants easier than I have in months.  I was incredibly surprised.  The irony of this little set of thoughts about my weight is that I was just on my way to eat at a burger joint here in Seoul.

I might have to attribute my loss of weight to definitely not over indulging here and eating meals like the soba noodles & grilled pork like dishes I’ve eaten recently.  Also, even though I’ve eaten at numerous burger joints here in Seoul, the burgers aren’t as large and the meals are a bit less filling.  I usually walk away not feeling as bloated as I might in the states.

Here’s a snapshot of a little restaurant in Silim I’ve eaten at least 3 times since being here.  I love this place!

Anyway, I can’t say I have a six pack yet, but I definitely am able to fit into these skinny slacks easier than I have in the past few years:


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