Step 1 in getting your FBI Criminal Background Check with an Apostille

If you live in Korea and need to get your FBI Background Check with the Apostille, you can get your fingerprints done here at a local Police Station.  If you’re south of the Han River and in Gangnam-gu here in Seoul, here’s the directions to the Gangnam Police Station’s CSI Division which is where you get your fingerprints done for free: 

Directions to the Gangnam Police Station for your Fingerprints

Get off Samsung Station on line 3 of the Seoul Subway system.  Take Exit 1 (Eastbound) and walk about 100-150 meters towards the Stadium.  You’ll see this Mirae Assets on the right before you take the right down the street adjacent to the station:

Another large landmark to prove you’re there is the large Fire Station across the street from the Police Station that looks like this:

But again, it’s across the street.  So, you’ll want to stay on the side of the Mirae Assets building.  If you take that right, right after Mirae Assets, you may see the long row of signs that identify it’s the Gangnam Police Station – main building like this:

But once you get to the main building and ask the information desk clerk where to go for your fingerprints (I think in Korean, it’s Ji-moon [지문]), they’ll tell you to go to the “Scientific Investigation Team” (which is basically their CSI division).  You can save some time by just taking a right after entering the main gates and heading toward’s the buildings here:

(the small building in front of the white van)  If you walk 100 steps to the front of the building, you’ll see the department looking like this:

The guy who you see here is possibly the guy who will do your finger prints.  He says he’s never had any problems ever getting anyone approved, but he may ask you how many copies you want.  I asked him for 3, but he said that’s too much.  I ended up getting just 2.

He gets almost 1-3 a day, just fyi.

Also, don’t arrive here during lunch – typically 12p to 1p.  They’re going to be most likely closed.

And if you need the sheet to print out that you’ll take to him, it should be here (unless they move it again):

Don’t forget to fill out your information request form as well:

And your payment form too:


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3 thoughts on “Step 1 in getting your FBI Criminal Background Check with an Apostille

  1. Thanks SO much for all of this detailed information! I am on my way there now to get things done. One thing to note, though~~Samseong station is on the GREEN LINE 2 (NOT 3).

  2. Diplomacert is an Apostille and Embassy Legalization service that exclusively caters to students who are in need of the Diploma Authentication and Apostille Certification.

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