1st Thing You Should Do When Arriving in Korea

Register with the US Embassy in Seoul

Whether your visit is for 3 days or 3 years, you should first register with the U.S. Embassy telling them you’re here.  I was speaking to a senior level diplomat within the organization and he was telling me that 2 people die every day here in South Korea that are U.S. Citizens.  Seems alarming, eh?  I definitely was surprised.  It’s not as dangerous or as extreme as some of the other stories he was telling me about other assignments he had throughout the world, but it’s still an alarming number.

So, check out this website which registers you with the US Embassy in general.  It can keep track of you whether you land in Seoul, Korea while experiencing “gangnam style” or if you’re doing the “macarena” somewhere else throughout the world.  It takes 5 minutes of your time.  It is definitely worth the small investment in time.  You never know.  Plus, you can help yourself if you lose your passport or have other issues while you’re abroad.



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