Brrrrr! Seoul is freezing COLD!

winterEarlier, I wrote about how it was getting colder here in Seoul.  However, if you see this snapshot I just took with my iPad, you’ll see that there’s a huge difference between 41 degrees Fahrenheit and -2 degrees Fahrenheit – 43 freaking degrees difference!  

Excuse my french accent here, but it is definitely colder now and according to Yonhap, today may be the coldest day this winter here in Korea.  In contrast to the temperatures in the article though, it was actually -19 degrees Celsius vs. the -16.5 they reported.

Being from the Northwest region of the U.S., this is definitely a stark contrast to the mild temperatures I am used to.  When I originally wrote about 41 degrees being cold, I really did feel like it was weather that would require a few extra layers.  However, after walking literally just 3 minutes from one meeting at 6a to breakfast at a little after 7a, I felt like my face was going to fall off.  I can’t even imagine what it’s like in other cold places in the world like Canada, Greenland or Moscow.

An article in the Chosun last month reported that the month (December) was the coldest in 56 years!  What a year to come back and try and start a living here!  Ha, ha…

Here’s a picture of icycles forming on the side of a ship floating on the Han River.

icy cold on han river



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