No. 1 Visitor to Korea is…

The Chinese have overtaken the Japanese as the top nationality to visit the South Korean peninsula

The popular American financial publication, the Wall Street Journal, reported yesterday that the country with the highest population in the world has recently overtaken the country next to Korea as the #1 set of tourists visiting the country.  Is it “Gangnam Style?”  Is it “Hallyu?”  Or could it be the recent political tensions that have been boiling between Japan and China?  It’s hard to say, but regardless, the visits from the citizens to the west and north of Korea grew 30% from last year.

The Japanese are still growing as a demographic, but their growth in their visits were only up 6.5% vs. the double digit growth by the nation that’s well known for their population.  The total number of Chinese visiting South Korea in July were 322,917 vs. 299,477 Japanese according to the Korean Tourism Organization.


Step 1 in getting your FBI Criminal Background Check with an Apostille

If you live in Korea and need to get your FBI Background Check with the Apostille, you can get your fingerprints done here at a local Police Station.  If you’re south of the Han River and in Gangnam-gu here in Seoul, here’s the directions to the Gangnam Police Station’s CSI Division which is where you get your fingerprints done for free:  Continue reading

Losing Weight Korean Style

A little more than 4 weeks ago, I took off for Seoul, Korea.  I debated taking a pair of blue jeans with me that wouldn’t fit right before I left.  I had gained a lot of weight after leaving Korea in 2010.  So, I failed to wear those jeans while I was in the states despite them fitting just 3 short years ago.

However, today, I tried them on and fit into those jeans with no problems.
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Moving on Up (in Gangnam)

As I wrote earlier, I was relatively satisfied with my little Goshiwon here in the Yeoksam neighborhood of Gangnam.  Moving to the big city here without depending on anyone could of cost an arm and a leg if I decided to book a month in any hotel in this area.  I guess I could of rented or stayed elsewhere in the city, but it would of taken a good 40 mins to an hour each way from more affordable parts of the city.  I also knew I would of had time constraints really needing me to be close to this neighborhood.  So, the goshiwon served it’s purpose.  I could of lived there for more months, but I decided to take a plunge into the Korean real estate market.   Continue reading

Johnny Rockets in Seoul Fizzles

Johnny Rockets in Gangnam

Krants*, a new site that’s basically copying Yelp from back home and applying it here gives it 4 1/4 stars out of 5, but I give it a royal 1 out of 5.  Johnny Rockets in Gangnam might have “style”, but it definitely doesn’t have portions that matches it’s prices!

I took a visit there last night after walking around for 40 minutes trying to find a good “burger joint” in Gangnam.  I skipped over Burger King and was about to settle for Kimchi Jigae or another local cuisine choice, but saw this while walking the backstreets of Gangnam:  Continue reading

Removing Conduit from your (Chrome) browser

Have you ever installed Safari or another freeware program to have other annoying programs automatically install as well?  

Recently, I installed a number of programs including Safari and it added extensions like Babylon (it may have been another program, just fyi) and Conduit.  To solve the problem of unwanted additions to your browser, I’ve outlined the steps to remove them in this simple guide.  It is for Chrome, by the way, which I believe is the fastest web browser on the market.  (the REAL solution to removing conduit is down below, if you want to skip to it) Continue reading