Moving on Up (in Gangnam)

As I wrote earlier, I was relatively satisfied with my little Goshiwon here in the Yeoksam neighborhood of Gangnam.  Moving to the big city here without depending on anyone could of cost an arm and a leg if I decided to book a month in any hotel in this area.  I guess I could of rented or stayed elsewhere in the city, but it would of taken a good 40 mins to an hour each way from more affordable parts of the city.  I also knew I would of had time constraints really needing me to be close to this neighborhood.  So, the goshiwon served it’s purpose.  I could of lived there for more months, but I decided to take a plunge into the Korean real estate market.   Continue reading


Castle Fine Goshiwon in Gangnam Seoul is Just Fine

For my first month back in Korea, I decided to “go it on my own.”  In my previous two stays in Korea, I depended on my companies to secure housing for me.  However, most forms of traditional housing in Korea typically requires large sums of money.  For example, the area of Seoul I’m living in right now could command as much as several hundred thousand dollars to rent an apartment.  The larger the deposit, the less you pay in monthly fees.  If you deposit a large enough sum, you don’t even have to pay monthly rent.

**Note: the map of eMart in Yeoksam is down below

Living in a Goshiwon isn’t that Bad

Nevertheless, most forms of housing in Korea require a significant deposit, but I wanted to try one of the smallest forms of housing that didn’t require such and also wasn’t “shared living”:  Goshiwons (고시원 in Hangeul and sometimes also referred to as Goshitels aka 고시텔).  My “Goshiwon Adventure” started with “Castle Fine” in Yeoksam (a neighborhood in Gangnam).   Continue reading