Switching to Google’s (USA) English Version in Korea

using google in koreaThis is dedicated to my new friend Kris who was having this issue when trying to get the same results as he’s used to back home.

If you’re like most people who’ve come to live and work in Korea, you’re used to using Google.com when looking for something online.  However, when you land in South Korea and literally type in “Google.com” or the various permutations of it, it many times redirects to the localized version ->  “Google.co.kr

The problem that arises from this isn’t just that you have a different url that pops up or even the 한국어 that pops up below the “Google” image, but it’s that the search results will also change because you’re using the Korean version of the popular search engine.  So, the same results you used to find back home in the West might not show up where you’re used to them.  The same results may not even show up depending on the topic you’re looking for information on. Continue reading