What Typhoon?

Besides being a little more blustery than normal, it wasn’t much of a typhoon…fortunately!

You can see from the following radar map, Bolaven basically just passed through the west & didn’t hit us as bad as it did Okinawa.


Typhoon Bolaven Appears to be Heading West

Korea’s bracing for what might be.

In Okinawa, Typhoon Bolaven tore through the country with no regard for the citizens.  From CNN, they report:

Typhoon Bolaven, with wind gusts that reached as high as 259 kilometers per hour (161 mph), is the strongest to strike the region in nearly 50 years. And with a cloud field of 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles), it is 20 times larger than Okinawa’s length.

An Emergency Warning by the Department of State was also issued for all US citizens here.  In sum, they warned it could be extremely severe and from the reports in Okinawa, their reports are proving possibly to be very accurate.  They did warn that it would happen yesterday, but it appears it will be more likely here today, Tuesday, August 28, 2012.   Continue reading