Windows 7 Networking Problems in South Korea

So, you won’t see much activity here for a bit because I’ve been somewhat forced to write posts on my iPad instead of my brand new HP laptop I purchased befoe arriving here. Unfortunately, the new place I’m staying at doesn’t seem to be supporting the new laptop’s network adaptors/cards. I’ve tried both wireless and wired connections and even took it to the A/S Center today which said they “fixed” the problem. Basically, they just reinstalled it with a Korean version of Windows.

Fortunately, I found the A/S (after service for you acronym phobes) center here on this great source for expats: And I was lucky that the network settings for my iPad were fine as well allowing me to surf relatively comfortably, but obviously with the slower typing skills with the touch screen.

So, if anyone can empathize with me, please feel free to comment below and maybe we can work together on fixing this.