Korea Living dot WordPress dot Com is a blog about “Living in Korea” and how to help people in English navigate, prosper and enjoy 대한민국 (Daehan Minguk).

I’ve lived off and on in Korea for more than 7 years.  I thought it was about time to start sharing some of the secrets and resources I’ve collected over time for the folks who are doing it for the first time or even the ones who are just looking for a “new” or “interesting” resource to help them live better in what I consider one of the best countries in the world.

Recently, in 2012, I jumped on a plane heading back Far East.  I’ve started writing about some of my experiences like obtaining some of the bare essentials: phone, housing, a job for example and hopefully these will help you too.

In terms of living though, we all do the same: eat, drink, and you know the rest.  So I’ll try to also save and display some resources here that also help you “eat better”, “drink better” and frankly “live better in Korea.”

We’re also talking about the country below the 38th parallel (South Korea) since it’s a little harder to immigrate and live in the north.  Nevertheless, I point this out because sometimes there really people who think of the most unexpected things.

p.s. I realize the name “Korea Living” might sound a bit FOB’ish, but it’s because of the SEO (search engine optimization) value of having a shorter url (since wordpress.com is added automatically) and keywords in the url are still important when obtaining value from google in their searches.  I’d rather have some quirky and fun name like “Jigae” (aka stew in Korean) or “Spicy Tiger” for the title, but it’s too late now.  Plus, somebody registered the domain spicytiger.com already!  

2nd p.s. – You’ll notice that a lot of the posts are focused on living in the Gangnam district of Seoul.  I started here and will possibly be staying here for a bit.  I’ll be doing a bit of exploring though, but if there are any folks living in other parts who want to share their thoughts of their respective neighborhoods, I’d be happy to have contributors/partners in this little informational venture about living in Korea!  Same thing goes to folks living in other parts of the country!  


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