Koreans Work Harder than any other Country in the World

A number of years ago, I looked for statistics on which country and its’ citizens worked harder than any other country in the world.  It was Korea.  I couldn’t find the wikipedia article that supported that information because recent statistics identified some different information that failed to support it, but I did find more data that did support what was once and is still true.

Using the OECD’s data, BBC News developed a tool that allows visitors to see how many hours they work per year in comparison to the average worker in another country.  Chances are, users will find they work fewer hours than the average worker in Korea, who works an average of 2,190 hours per year — that comes out to around 44 hours per week with 14 days leave or 42 hours per week with 0 days leave.

More details and support came from the article here on the Huffington Post dated May 24, 2012.  One of the primary sources, BBC News, also shows the details as well.